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Sol Lotito Tattoo

The Most Passionate Tattoo Artist in the Area

Professional Tattoo Artist

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Owl for tattoo styles


Watercolour tattoo
Colourful Piece

A colourful piece of art. Watercolour is one of the most popular paintings technics. Watercolour tattoos embody the spirit of this style with colourful designs with splash effects, colour fusions and less defined line work. This style is organic and can be seen more as an art on the skin than a regular tattoo. 

Graphic Sketch tattoo
Art on Your Body

Sketch tattoos are all about mimicking hand-drawn features. This style has overlapping lines, incomplete strokes and elements that do not fully close. The shading work is bold and rough, and parts of the drawing are negative space.
The ambition behind this style is to promote the art as something unique that will not be found in another person.

Delicate tattoo & Other styles
Colourful Piece

Fine line and delicate tattoos are well-elaborated designs getting very popular in Australia. This style focuses on simple but elegant designs. Usually, they are made only with lines and dot work, but some colours can be added to give them same flavour and personality.

Sol's brushes for art creation
Owl about me section

A Little About Me

I'm a multidisciplinary artist. Pen, pencil, brush and tattoo machines are my tools.
After working with customer needs
and behaviour for too long, I decided to have a break and work with what I love. 

My art style is a combination of sketch + watercolour and all the designs are developed by me. 
I love to meet new artists for a coffee or virtually to discuss the creative process and art
If you are curious about my art, process or who are my influencers, send me a message, lets talk talk talk.

As a multifaceted artist, my scope of work remains wide but my focus this year is tattooing.

Owl for Instagram section


Owl for flash, trips and fundraiser section


Upcoming Flash, Trips and Fundraisers days.

Flash tattoo.jpg
Flash day - check it out

There are always some flashes available on my Instagram page, have a look and let me know.

Image by Guilherme Stecanella.webp
Trips - cities

We're hard at work making exciting plans - stay tuned for upcoming events!

If you want to book a time with me, send me an email


There are so many things happening around the world, I will try to organise 2 or 3 fundraising days per year, Keep an eye on my Instagram to know more about it.

Image of a vintage clock
Owl for Your Session section

Your Session

There are a few things you can make to get the best result in your tattoo, check below how simple they are and how they can affect the result.

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