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Sol's pen creating some artwork for tattooing
  • How to decide the best tattoo for me?
    If you are not sure about the tattoo or style, book a free consultation. I will answer all your questions about tattoos, styles and placements. You will have all the information you need to make your decision.
  • Which parts of the body are less painful for tattooing? (where doesn’t it hurt?)
    Areas of your body with fewer nerves or ticker skin are the less painful areas to get a tattoo. Pain can also be related to a tattoo size (larger tattoos take longer sessions), a person's age or the experience the person has had with pain in their life. But some of the least painful places are the outer arm, forearm, outer leg and shoulder blade.
  • Do you do cover ups?
    Yes, I do! Cover-ups are not as simple as you probably imagine, but totally possible. In a free consultation, we will discuss what can be done and how to get the best results. From size to placement and colour combinations - together we will determine which design works best to cover your current tattoo seamlessly!
  • Do you work with Vegan ink?
    Yes! Please let me know before your session about your preferences and I can provide them. 😉
  • Can I get a tattoo done while breastfeeding?
    Since there isn't very much research about tattooing during breastfeeding, I prefer to not tattoo breastfeeding mothers (better safe than sorry).
  • Do you do microblading?
    No, I do not work with microblading (cosmetic tattoos).
  • How do I book in for a tattoo session with you?
    On the Menu, you will find the Booking tab, where you can fill out the tattoo enquire form. In this form, you will be asked about a few things that I need to start planning your session. After receiving your details, I will organise our session - or consultation if needed.
  • Are walk-ins welcome?
    At the moment, I am working in a private studio and I am unable to accommodate walk-ins. Please send me a message. I will do my best to schedule you in as soon as possible.
  • What kind of payments are accepted?
    The payments accepted are cash, bank transfer and credit cards (Visa, Mastercard and Amex). Apple Pay, Google Pay and Afterpay are also available at the studio.
  • How much will my tattoo cost?
    It will depend on a few things: design complexity, tattoo size, placement and style are a few variables that impact the tattoo price. Fill up this form with your tattoo idea and I can give you a quote. A minimum tattoo price is $180 (even if it is only a little heart ❤️)
  • Do you do Inkpay or After Pay?
    Unfortunately, we don't currently have any of these options available.
  • Can I take Panadol before my tattoo session?
    Panadol or Aspirin can slightly thin the blood and cause more bleeding during the tattoo session, affecting how the ink takes to the skin. If you can avoid it, please do. If you are taking any medication, please let me know before the session starts.
  • What do I need to know for my first tattoo (before and after the session)?
    There are a few things that are good to know before your first tattoo session. • Avoid drinking alcohol a day before your session; • Moisturise the area for a couple of days before getting the tattoo done; • Have a good night of sleep; • Have some food at least 2 hours before your session; • Let the artist know if you are taking any medication. We have a dedicated page to do's and don'ts for before, duging and after your tattoo session. If you have any other specific question, get in touch and I'll help you out.
  • What should I do when my tattoo starts peeling?
    During the healing process, it is very common for the tattoo to peel. You must not scratch it or remove its skin. Also, moisturise it 3 times a day and sooner the peeling will stop.
  • My tattoo is itching. Is it expected? What should I do?
    Yes, the itch is part of the tattoo healing process, but you must not scratch it. Make sure it is moisturised and after a couple of days, it will stop inching.
  • When will my tattoo be fully healed?
    Normally, after 15 days you are able to go back to your normal routine, but the tattoo will be fully healed after 45 days. Depending on the size, placement and your immune system's healing ability, it can take a little longer.
  • Are tattoo infections common? How to avoid them?
    Tattoo infections are not common, but they can happen if certain things are not paid attention to. A tattoo starts off as an open wound, which means it can get infected. At the studio, we use 100% disposable material (needles, ink, cups, gloves, etc) to ensure the process is safe and sterile (avoiding the chance of getting an infection). Once the tattooing is done, you will take care of your tattoo and remember: during the healing process, the tattoo is still fragile. Wash your hands before touching it, Clean the area 2 to 3 times per day, Dry it with a disposable paper towel and Apply the moisturiser recommended during your tattoo session. If you think your tattoo is infected, you should see your doctor. Some of the signs and symptoms of tattoo infection include pus, swelling and redness after 48h of the tattoo session, and odour.
  • Are tattoo touch-ups free?
    Yes, you will have to wait for the tattoo to be completely healed (30 to 45 days). If you believe you need a touch-up on a tattoo made with me, send me a photo of the tattoo and I will organise the session for you.
  • Is Sol Lotito Tattoo a 100% disposable materials studio?
    Yes! Well, the only materials not disposable during the tattoo session are the furniture and the tattoo machine - everything else is 100% disposable for your safety (and mine).
  • How do you clean the non-disposable items involved in tattooing?
    The only material not disposable during the tattoo session are the furniture and the tattoo machine. They are covered with waterproof (and disposable) material. They are cleaned before and after a session with hospital-grade disinfectant (Viralclean).
  • What is the best way to get to the studio?
    The studio is in the heart of Sydney. It is straightforward to get to the studio by train or bus. We are a 5 min walk from the Townhall station: Head north on George St towards Market St and you’ll see Dymocks Building on your right. We’re on level 1 at the Joya Tattoo Collective. By car, you have to keep in mind that there is no free car parking in the city, have a look in some early bird car parks to get some idea of the price before coming by car.
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