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Flash Tattoos

Available Designs

Unique tattoo designs for all bodies


There are several reasons to consider one of the pre-designed options:

  • IT'S CHEAPER! Flash tattoos are typically more budget-friendly than custom designs. 

  • IT'S THE ARTIST'S PASSION! Flash designs normally embody the tattooist's interests and passions. They are enthusiastic about working on these styles, which is one of the reasons they are more affordable.

  • IT'S WHAT THEY KNOW THE MOST! The artists have mastered the technical aspects of the specific styles featured in the flash designs. 

  • PERSONALISED TOUCH? Flash tattoos are pre-designed and, depending on the artist, you may discuss small changes. Sol is happy to accommodate a few alterations (such as introducing new colours, changing existing ones, or modifying elements) - as long as it is not a Flash Day.

  • CUT THE LINE - SCHEDULE IT SOONER! Opting for a flash tattoo means that the design is already created, saving valuable time during your session. This allows the artist to easily fit your appointment into their schedule.

The pricing is determined by the size of the design you choose.

To secure your desired design:


​Simply navigate to the FLASH ENQUIRE button above - and also located at the top menu of the page

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